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TrackConsole delivers innovative web analytics software which makes it possible to capture and learn from your visitors in page behavior. By replaying the mouse movements and clicks in the webpage, combined with several heat maps and reporting tools you will have your own website usability center. Within a few clicks you will learn where improvements need to be made and maximize the results of your website.

Web analytics software by TrackConsole

Profitable and quick to deploy

TrackConsole is a profitable and quick to deploy alternative for Eye Tracking. Where TrackConsole captures the mouse movements and clicks of a visitor Eye Tracking will capture the eye movements of a visitor. The latter method is a very expensive and complexe one, which should be carried out each time the recommendations have been done.


The development of TrackConsole began in 2007, after feedback from our consultancy clients told us that they wanted to be better able to anticipate and understand the behaviour of visitors to their websites.  Companies spend millions of dollars a year on driving traffic to their websites in the hope that it will convert into paying customers.  However, by focussing only on conversions, companies unconciously accept less return on their investment.  By using the technologies within TrackConsole, these same companies are now able to see exactly what visitors do when on their web pages, which enables them to adapt and refine their websites in order to massively improve visitor conversions 


From the beginning our TrackConsole software is in an ongoing development process. The feedback we have received from users so far did help us to determine which features need to be expanded or even added. We hope all users will keep informing us about there experiences and remarks so all will be profiting from each other. 

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