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Key Features Overview

With TrackConsole you will explore the hidden profits of your website simply by viewing what visitors actually have been doing within your web pages. TrackConsole will help you to understand your visitors behaviour and learn you where in page changes need to be made. To give you an idea we have summarized our key features below and of course you play our demo to have a complete overview. 

Replay visits - web analyticsReplay visits

To have a clear view of what a visitor has been doing within your website during a visit you can replay the complete visit in TrackConsole. Within the replay section you can simply sort the visits by IP number, pages visited, visit time and the time the site has been entered.



Create heatmaps - web analyticsCreate heat maps

Within the heatmap section of TrackConsole it's possible to deactivate or activate several layers which make it possible to create the heatmap of your interest. In the example below we have selected the heatmap layer to discover the hotspots which indicate visitors focused on these areas. With 2 sliders you can adjust the opacity and intensity. In this example we have also activated the clickmap layer to see where visitors tried to activate an option within the page. The actual clicks can be viewed in percentage or amount and with your mouse you can select areas to view the clicks inside these areas. With the sliders you can set the radius which will group the clicks.


Create scroll maps - web analyticsCreate scroll & attention maps

By activating the scroll & attention layer you can view what visitors have seen of your page. This layer indicates the average time that a certain section of the page has been displayed at the visitors monitor and the percentage of visitors which have viewed this section.




Create flow maps

By activating the flow layer you will create a map which will make it possible to follow the flow of the mouse trails which indicates where visitors were looking for and in what order.


Create filters - web analyticsCreate filters

TrackConsole is equiped with a large set of filters which offers you a wide range of possibilities. Besides the date range you can use the following basic filters to create your favorite set of data: referrer, search queries, search key words, browsers, systems, resolution, time range and keep or remove IP numbers. All your personal filters can be saved.




Create targets (PRO account)

Within the PRO account TrackConsole offers the possibility to create targets and track them. Different sets of targets can be created and the results will be displayed within your dashboard (reached target). Besides your dashboard, the mouse clicks which are done within "target" visits are marked red. This will give you a better view on how "target" visitors differ from "regular" visitors in their behaviour.


Web analytics dashboardDashboard

Within the TrackConsole dashboard you will see all visits segregated by direct and referral visits. There are various gauges which offer you a clear view at the refuse percentage (visitors who left the website without visiting more then 1 page), new visitor percentage, pages per visit, time per visit, time per page and, when you have a PRO account, the percentage of the visitors that reached the targets. The outcome of the filters which you have selected will also be displayed within the TrackConsole dashboard.


Online Control Panel

Once you have created your TrackConsole account you can enter your Control Panel by using your login and password. Within your Control Panel you can download the TrackConsole software and also create the tracking script for your domain(s). Also your account details as billing info and account statistics can be found within this panel.

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