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1. How can I purchase TrackConsole?

Simply go to the account page (Plus or Pro), choose the product of your choise, and click on the "sign up" button.
You will be directed to the account registration page, where you’ll registrare and finally pay for the product.
Right after the purchase you will be redirected to your control panel where you can download the software and get your website script.


2. What payment options do you accept?

We support majority of payment options, including credit cards and PayPal.


All payments for our products are handled by Paypal.


3. I placed an order, when will I get the product?

You can download the software in your control panel immediately after we have received your payment. You will receive a email which confirms your payment and contains a link to your control panel. Normally this is within a few minutes after you have finalized the payment. At the same time you will be able to get your TrackConsole script which needs to be placed in your website.


4. Do I get any support with the software?

Yes, of course you get support! We have dedicated support staff that is here for you to remedy all your issues swiftly. Simply go to your control panel and continue to the support center. Except creating a ticket, here you can also find valuable help in the knowledge base documentation, download and troubleshoot areas.



5. Can I install the TrackConsole script myself?

Yes, in fact, its quite easy to install in your website but it depends a little on your knowledge and your website. The script needs to be placed in the <HEAD> tag of your webpages but we have an easy description to guide you through the installation proces.


6. Can you help me with the installation of the TrackConsole script on my website?

Yes, if necessary we can not only help but we can even place the TrackConsole script on your website for free! Just go to the support centre within your control panel after the purchase and create an installation ticket.


7. Does the TrackConsole software work with each website?

Our software works with each website as long as its coded properly. The result of the TrackConsole program is less when the website is built with frames or when its only using 1 url and not using an unique URL for each page. When you are not sure about your website, just sent us a ticket through the service center and we will let you know whether your website is fully supported.


8. Does the TrackConsole software supports HTTPS pages in a website?

Our standard TrackConsole software currently doesn't support HTTPS pages.


9. Do you offer money back guarantee?

Yes, we have 30 day money back guarantee for all Plus accounts and the PRO Bronze account. If for any reasons you are not satisfied with these products, you can return it within 30 days from the purchase and we will refund your money - no questions asked.


10. There is an error message in the snapshots. What can I do?

This occurs when the snapshot could not be taken. This can happen due to the following reasons:

To remove the failed snapshots, go to the Snapshot Manager in TrackConsole and remove them.


11. Do I need an internet connection for using the TrackConsole software?

Yes, for downloading the captured data from the TrackConsole servers you do need an internet connection. For replaying the visits and displaying the various heat maps you don't need an internet connection unless snapshots need to be made from web pages which were not already captured.


12. Within the replay one of the screenshots is incorrect. What can I do?

When a screenshot of your webpage is incorrect like its to short or not all elements within the page are displayed in a correct manner you need to recapture this page. Recapturing pages can be done within the snapshot manager by doing the following steps:

  • select the url of the page with the incorrect screenshot 
  • select a load delay (box at the right side) of, for example, 6 seconds
  • select "Recapture selected" at the botom
  • Once it's recaptured you can remove the old incorrect version 

Remark: On some vertically centered web pages the snapshots are too short. By selecting the "use fixed height" checkbox this problem will be solved


13. Will TrackConsole download my website for each replay or heat map?

No, TrackConsole will most certainly not download your website! The TrackConsole software will make screenshots of each visited page. This will not effect your website, it's just a regular visit.


14. How can I update my TrackConsole with the latest visit data?

Your TrackConsole will import all the captured data when you start up the program. When TrackConsole is already running you can use the "Download" button to download the latest data.


15. How can I select an area within the heat map to count the clicks?

You can select an area within a heat map simply by selecting this area with your mouse (like dragging). All the clicks within this area will be counted and the total amount will be displayed. 


16. The replay I see seems to have incorrect click positions. What can I do?

When you see visitors click at incorrect objects during a play or heat map this could have the following reasons:

  • visitor thinks an object is clickable which it is not (important to change in your webpage!)
  • With generating the TrackConsole script you have selected the wrong alignment of your website layout. To have this changed you can generate a new script or submit a ticket at our support center so we can resolve this.
  • the clicks you see are clicks made by visitors scrolling in your webpage and while scrolling they click for activating the scroll option (or they click just a little next the scroll bar).

When you have the idea that the clicks are caused by other reasons, please let us know so we can look in to it.


17. How can I save the filters that I want to use more often?

Within the filter manager of teh TrackConsole software you can set various filters. Once you have prepared a filter you can simply save it by select the "save" icon (next to the filter and target tabs). It will be saved locally and when you want to use it you simply open it by using the "open" icon and select the filter you want. You can save various filters, this is unlimited.


18. Why does the capturing of a web page sometimes take a few seconds?

The TrackConsole software workes with screenshots of your webpages. When you select a certain visit to playback or to create a heat map the TrackConsole software will check if there is a screenshot from each visited page available (in the correct resolution). If not, a screenshot will be generated which will take a few seconds. Once the screenshot is available it will be generated anymore unless you choose to use a new version because you changed the webpage. This can be done within the snapshot manager within TrackConsole.


19. How do I get the latest version of the TrackConsole software?

You will get the latest version of the TrackConsole software automaticly during the launching proces of the software. Each time you launch TrackConsole it will checking for updates and instal them if available. You can find the version number of your TrackConsole in the left top after launching.


20. In my dashboard the "reached target" gauge isn't working. What can I do?

If the "reached target" gauge in your dashboard isn't working this can be caused by the following reasons:

  • you have a PLUS account, the "reached target" gauge is only actively available with in the PRO account
  • you didn't set a target within the filter & target section of your TrackConsole
  • you didn't open one of your saved targets within the filter & target section of your TrackConsole
  • your "reached target" gauge is working but the result is 0 (zero) because no target was reached within the selected period


21. TrackConsole terminates with the message 'access denied' or 'file not found: app_props.ini' when it launches. What can I do?

You should execute TrackConsole as 'administrator' in Windows. Here is how: 

  • Grant TrackConsole.exe access
    1. Go to C:\Program Files\TrackConsole (or go to the directory where you installed TrackConsole instead)
    2. Right-click the file TrackConsole.exe and choose [Properties]
    3. Tick the checkbox [Run this program as an administrator] and click [OK]
  • Grant ConvertHTMLtoImage.exe access (takes snapshots)
    1. Go to the C:\Program Files\TrackConsole\capt sub-directory of the TrackConsole directory
    2. Right-click the file ConvertHTMLtoImage.exe and choose [Properties]
    3. Tick the checkbox [Run this program as an administrator] and click [OK]
  • Restart TrackConsole, it will now be able to launch.
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